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Forum Rules / Guidelines

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Forum Rules / Guidelines

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:57 am

As a general rule in this forum, please do not engage in any conduct which is impermissible under the law if expressed in any other form or forum is impermissible if expressed through a social networking site. For example, posted material that is discriminatory, defamatory, libelous or malicious is forbidden. SNAP’s policies, including but not limited to the Equal Employment Opportunity, Sexual Harassment, Harassment and Workplace Violence policies, apply equally to employee comments on social networking sites even if done on nonworking time. Employees are encouraged to review those sections of the Handbook for further guidance.

Below is a list of behavior that will not be permissible in this SNAP Forum:

•        Sending or posting discriminatory, harassing, or threatening messages or images
•        Using the organization's time and resources for personal gain
•        Stealing, using, or disclosing someone else's code or password without authorization
•        Copying, pirating, or downloading software and electronic files without permission
•        Sending or posting confidential material, trade secrets, or proprietary information outside of the organization
•        Violating copyright law
•        Failing to observe licensing agreements
•        Engaging in unauthorized transactions that may incur a cost to the organization or initiate unwanted Internet services and transmissions
•        Sending or posting messages or material that could damage the organization's image or reputation
•        Participating in the viewing or exchange of pornography or obscene materials
•        Sending or posting messages that defame or slander other individuals or employees
•        Attempting to break into the computer system of another organization or person
•        Refusing to cooperate with a security investigation
•        Sending or posting chain letters, solicitations, or advertisements not related to business purposes or activities (unless pre-approved by HR)
•        Using the Internet for political causes or activities, religious activities, or any sort of gambling
•        Jeopardizing the security of the organization's electronic communications systems, tampering with, or introducing viruses or other malware into the forum.
•        Sending or posting messages that disparage another organization's products or services
•        Passing off personal views as representing those of the organization
•        Sending anonymous email messages
•        Engaging in any other illegal activities

Please do not hesitate the Human Resources department with any question or concerns regarding his forum and/or allowable topics


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